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20 February

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Teacher Workshops at PARI - 2004


Participants in a SGRA Workshop. The 15 foot radio telescope, named “Smiley” is in the background.  This telescope is designed for remote control from the classroom.

Pisgah Astronomical Research Insitute offers science teacher workshops in Astronomy that meet the North Carolina Earth-Science Currciluum Competency Standards, with Continuing Education Credits. 

Three types of workshops are offered:

The School of Galactic Radio Astronomy (SGRA) concentrates on learning a package of 4 astronomy/physics/math related labs which use the PARI 4.6-m (15-ft) radio telescope remotely through the Internet in the classroom. Through a generous grant from Progress Energy, we can offer this workshop to teachers free of charge. SGRA is also supported by the NASA Space Telescope Science Institute IDEAS Program.

The Pisgah Forest Institute (PFI) workshops are in Environment Science and Geographic Information Systems and PARI presents the astronomy component of their Summer Teacher Workshops.  Please see the PFI webpage for details.

Other workshops for teachers are offered by university programs such as Western Carolina University Continuing Education Program, and the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching (NCCAT).  For example, teachers participating in the the Western Carolina University Continuing Ed Program will spend two days at PARI learning hte basics of astronomy, radio astronomy, and remote control of the PARI 4.6 meter (15 foot) radio telescope. Please see their webpages for more details.

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