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Lessons Overview
Light & the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Optical Astronomy and Its Tools
Radio Astronomy and Its Tools
Advantages of Radio Astronomy
Disdvantages of Radio Astronomy
Types of Radiation
Radio Sources I
Radio Sources II
The Birth of Stars
The Death of Stars
Pulsar History
Neutron Stars and Pulsars

Lessons Overview

This lesson provides a summarized version of material found in each of the other five lessons. Although we strongly encourage you to delve into the more detailed subject matter presented in those five lessons, we recognize that not all classes have the opportunity to devote a significant amount of time to the STARLAB supporting materials. Thus, we provide this condensed lesson that addresses only the major points presented in each of the five in-depth content lessons.

This lesson highlights some components of the National Science Education Content Standards:
Grade Levels
Upon completion of this lesson and in preparation for entering the STARLAB, students should be able to accomplish the following: