The instruments at PARI include optical and radio telescopes, CCDs, radiometers, atmospheric seeing and tansparency sensors.  Take a look at some of the telescopes Iíve used, that include the WIRO 2.3 m infrared telescope, Lick Twin Astrograph, IRTF, CTIO, AO, KPNO, DSO, and the PARI 26 m radio telescopes. Iíve put together and/or installed a few instruments that include an IR polarimeter (to study IR reflection nebulae), a two channel photometer (to measure photometric parallaxes and interstellar extinction of astrometric reference stars) , an optical spectrograph (to monitor spectral variations of Mira variable stars), a bunch of small optical telescopes and CCds (for PARI use), and most recently involved in the development and use of a 6.7 GHz receiver (for a methanol maser survey of the northern sky). In the latter case, I use the receiver and didnít build it - thatís a job for an RF engineer who knows what to do!   Enjoy the visit to each of these.

PARI Telescopes

Two Channel Photometer

IR Polarimeter

Optical Spectrograph

0.9-m SARA Telescope at Kitt Peak

Dark Sky Observatory (DSO) at Appalachian State University

Allegheny Observatory (AO)

Wyoming Infrared Observatory (WIRO)

Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory (CTIO)

Lick Observatory

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